What makes a good professional coach?

It seems being a coach and getting a coach are the latest trends in career development. But not all coaches are created equal. Not only do they have different professional backgrounds and qualifications, they each also have specific niche of mastery that can prove to be the true competitive advantage when investing in one.

Q: I really want get to the next level in are at and is not afraid to push you to reach the goals you set. They have to be strong—after all they are helping you get the goals that you asked for.This is a very important point. When hiring a coach, it is important that you are the one setting the agenda. That is why it is very important that you know exactly what you want and to be able to identify what success would look like. Regulated profession, there are a number of accrediting bodies that provide professional standards and ethics guidelines for practitioners. One of them is the International Coaching Federation also known as ICF. All professional accredited coach- es who have attended a minimum requirement of training and on-going professional development are registered there. So are all the accrediting schools my career. My boss and other people I know use executive or sales coaches to advance their careers it seems to work for some, yet for others just seem to be wasting their money, in my opinion. How can you tell the difference? I want to reach my sales targets and grow my book of business. How do I find a coach for that?

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Author: Carolina Billings

To Commute or to telecommute

Employers often assume incorrectly that they can change an employee’s job as they see fit. Just as often, employees wrongly assume that their jobs cannot be changed without their consent.

Q: I was recently notified that I need to go back to working from our office in-stead of being allowed to work remote-ly. If I go back to work my cost of com-muting, gas, day care, will go up. Should they take that into consideration and have some kind of allowance or adjust-ment to my pay to take that into the new conditions of employment? Can they just change my terms of employment?

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