What makes a good professional coach?

What makes a good professional coach?

To Commute or to telecommute

The color of my skin does NOT determine my race or heritage.

  The whole concept of political “correctness and diversity” for the purpose of inclusion and non-discrimination has taken race to a whole new level. Who are more diverse? people who look

To lead or not to lead? Leadership is a choice not a title.

“We often use the words

Why being an inter-disciplinarian is the ultimate career superpower.

Reality check, the career

Is coaching good business? You may be surprised !


I remember during my

Goodbye e-commerce, Hello m-commerce! Faster, sharper and always at your fingertips.

If electronic-commerce “E-commerce” revolutionized the way we shopped, mobile-commerce or “M-commerce” is taking things up a notch. Make it a HUGE notch ! Electronic commerce changed the retail landscape enabling shops to carry a considerably larger amount of virtual inventory and

I vs We. What is the tipping point between personal ambition and being a team player?


Whoever said that the

10 Sure ways to advance your career the intrapreneurial way.


Loving the term Intrapreneur. At the

So you have a great idea for a business…now what ?

  Do you know how many times in my life I wished I owned my own business? I would often look at entrepreneurs in awe. How do they know what to sell? I was and still am in awe of entrepreneurs