Hello friends!

Today I’m going to share with you what “healthy living” means to me. There are many things that are involved in creating a healthy lifestyle. The first part consists of having a healthy relationship with yourself. A great term for this is called ‘self-love’. Self love is viewing yourself in a positive light and believing in the power you possess to do great things. It also means letting go of the circumstances you can’t control by focusing on the things that give you joy. This includes not relying on someone or something to be responsible for your happiness. I strongly believe that everyone has a gift chosen by the great cosmos of the universe. It is why you and I are here on this planet. No person, place, or thing can deny you the privileges you are destined for. I stress this concept because of the times in my life when I forgot to practice self-love.


I made bad decisions and descended into a very damaging state of mind. I have since come to realize that you need to make yourself a priority in your life. It is not always the easiest thing to do but giving yourself affirmation is one of the best habits you could ever start. The second part of healthy living consists of performing an activity that makes you ecstatic. Everyone has busy lives and with it comes a lot of stress. Taking the time out of your day to do something, no matter how small, can make a big difference in your life. For example, one of my favourite activities to practice is Kundalini Yoga. It helps me become Zen and it is also a great workout. This leads me into the final part of a healthy lifestyle which is the most obvious one: eating well and exercising. This is difficult for some people to accomplish and I understand this because I can relate since I am a mother of three.


Changing your eating habits or finding the time to move your body can be hard but if “healthy living” is your goal, it must become a priority. My definition of healthy living is practicing self-love, doing fun activities to relieve stress, and eating right in hand with exercise. We all have the ability to build and create our own unique healthy lifestyles so let’s all keep striving!


Written by: Dr. Celeste London Natural Medicine Doctor