A number of causes are related to leaky gut syndrome (including chronic stress) but certain foods are major culprits to this ailment.  In sensitive people, gluten can cause the gut cells to release zonulin, a protein that can break apart tight junctions in the intestinal lining. The pasteurization process of dairy makes the digestion of lactose very difficult. Both gluten and dairy have significant impacts on the gut, causing inflammation and the breakdown of the lining.  This makes things like toxins, microbes, undigested food particles, and more to escape from your intestines and travel throughout your body via your bloodstream causing autoimmune disorders, thyroid issues, fatigue, and skin issues.  Furthermore, the constant bloat from these foods reeks havoc on your abdominal muscles, possibly creating a whole set of other problems including pelvic floor dysfunction. 
One particular type of exercise with benefits for gut problems is yoga. That makes perfect sense, since yoga is a mind-body practice which helps to detox the gut and other systems of the body, as well as reduce stress.  Take yoga to the next level with Yoga-Flex-Fit (TM), a unique blend of Fitness, Yoga, and Science that has multiple benefits from all the disciplines as well as a conscious component of healthy core and pelvic floor.

Sholina Jivraj

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if you are doing regular Yoga or Fitness (including unsupported backbends, extended stretching, or ab crunches), you are doing more damage to your body than you can imagine. In my opinion, you can’t use an ancient practice (Yoga) or trendy workouts (HIIT), apply it to everyday people, and expect it to be effective (or safe). Contact me today to learn more!