The Wellness Talks!  Video Series.


The Wellness Group Incubator & Accelerator. Start you business TODAY

Start ups face many challenges. Don’t let that stop you from starting the job of your dreams. Our business incubator and accelerator program walks with you past the difficult lift off onto success. 

Last Years Powerful Women Today!

Welcome to powerful women today it is a one-day urban retreat geared towards women who are determined to keep achieving amazing things. It is for women who dare to believe that they can turn their vision into reality. It is empowered women empowering each other


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Wellness Talks Job Market Update with Shellie Deloyer

During this wellness talk you will find very valuable information on what is happening with our job market through the changes and challenges we face to new unknown changes that are starting to arise. Learn to understand what is happening so you can take the proper action to embrace the changes that are occurring. Watch now.

From Good Girl To Goddess

This program is for every woman looking to love herself, her life, and her future. It’s for those women who know they’ve got a whole lot of Goddess to contribute to this world and are ready to take the next step. If you are ready to feel ignited, fulfilled, and liberated (without all the stress or guilt) then this program is for you!

Wellness Wednesdays Balancing Emotions Through Nutrition & Essential Oils

Depression, Anxiety, Stress are all too common. At the Wellness Group’s Wellness Wednesday our experts Jodi Rogers and Wayne Thomas explain how to Balance and Manage emotions through Nutrition and Essential Oils.

Get Fit Challenge

An amazing video which is designed around learning weight loss techniques and mindfulness for everyday life. This video will teach you how to make your body something you love. 

Wine Women and Wealth Relationship with Money Aug 2017

Powerful evening at Wine Women’s and Wealth. The topic of women’s relationship with money touched on Women’s Financial Literacy, Economic Dependency which can lead to abuse, Behavioural Cash Flow, Powerful Women and Women in Transition.

Wine Women and Wealth through Real Estate

Learn from the experts how to increase your wealth through Real Estate.