Hello friends!

Today I will be talking about drug and food interaction. A drug and food interaction occurs when someone consumes both food and the medication they have been prescribed. Some drugs can absorb well with food in the body while others can’t. Taking your prescription medication along with food is complex, because you must be aware what things you can take to avoid a negative food drug interaction. It is important for a holistic doctor to be aware of the drugs you are taking when reverting to a holistic method of reversing type 2 diabetes. This knowledge allows me to create for you a specialised method which will benefit you in the beginning stages.


People most at risk of drug food interaction are the elderly because many have been taking prescription medication for a long time. It is important when you choose to work with a holistic doctor or health care practitioner that you are aware we are going to use a natural method. Ask yourself, am I seeing results with the person am a working with? If the answer is no, then you need to find another health care provider, like myself, that will provide you with better results.


T2 Diabetes Mindful N.M.D
Dr. Celeste London