About Ivy Marie Lim:

I’ve lived all my life in the GTA, having lived, worked and moved across various areas in the city and coupled with my Geography degree from the University of Toronto – I offer my clients an comprehensive view of real estate and real estate investing. My family is also in the construction business and can provide expert advice on renovations and upgrades to your home.

I have a great passion for wellness and “whole”- listic modalities and so pleased that I can incorporate this into my real estate career through Feng Shui!

I’ve been instinctively using Feng Shui all my life. While at the same time shunning old myths and superstitions that often used. In trying to discover truths about these myths and superstitions I learned about Feng Shui. In my spiritual journey through the practice Pranic Healing and teachings of founder Master Choa Kok Sui, I once again discovered Feng Shui. In Real estate, I can hear clients speak of Feng Shui principles without realizing it. And in my latest training as a Certified Neuro Linguistics

Programming Coach, I see many underlying parallels and similarities.

Feng Shui is everywhere, within us to earth and the stars, cities are designed with a goal or intention in mind. Sometimes it does not always benefit the citizen. But we are lucky to live in an environment where we do have choices and the ability to control many other things. Understanding Feng Shui helps you stay in motion, get through challenges and assist you in the manifestation of your dreams.

Ivy Marie Lim
Realtor, Feng Shui Consultant.

American Board Certified Master – NLP Coach/Practitioner, Timeline Therapy®, Creating Your Future®, Certified Hypnotherapist

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