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About Kiran Bisson:

Ki’s Kitchen – Taste the difference, FEEL the difference! We are an immune-boosting, healing foods meal delivery company.

Our meals are beneficial to all, but especially for those who are suffering with Multiple Sclerosis, Cancer, Diabetes, Arthritis, Gout, Heart Disease, Bad-Candida, PCOS, and many other chronically inflamed diseases.

Our meals are dairy/sugar/egg/gluten/corn/peanut-free, and customised to each individual’s needs.

Kiran – Food and music are my two main passions. Cooking for others is how I have always shown my love for humanity, as I’ve been told you can really “feel the love” that I try to infuse into every dish I prepare.

I am believer that energy is everything, and that most illnesses can be prevented or possibly even resolved through proper nutrition.

My purpose in life is to provide people with the proper nutrition, to enable their bodies to function at their greatest potential, for all their days on this earth.

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