About Maggie:

Education, Training and Experience

As a Mind Body Soul Coach I use my intuitive and spiritual gifts to help people identify and release whats holding them back and no longer serving them. Those things such as fears, limiting beliefs, past hurts and resistance. I help them see things from a different perspective, work on increasing their sense of self-esteem, confidence, self-worth and most importantly self-love. I also hold them accountable to completing certain attainable steps and guide them toward creating a life they actually love.
I am invested in helping my clients find solutions and committed to their transformation. I can take my clients from where they are to where they want to be in a much shorter time than they could imagine.
I help disconnected families reconnect by introducing positive parenting strategies, communication skills and the importance of healthy lifestyle choices. I strive to have them bring peace, love, respect and harmony back into their homes.
I help clients see the importance of the balance of the Mind Body and Soul and how one depends on the other as I have then imagine a stool with 3 uneven legs!
It all begins with a choice and with one person…….YOU!

I have an Honors diploma from Seneca 2008, in Social Service Work…..courses included counselling, interviewing, anti-racism, anti-oppression etc. My latest accomplishment is a certificate in Law of Attraction Life Coaching through the Quantum Success Coaching Academy. I have many years of experience in the justice, school, group home, Children’s Aid and long term care social systems. Many of my clients had varying degrees of special needs, ranging from mental to physical disabilities, from Autism to Alzheimer’s Disease. I love the challenge I faced with these clients as I totally believe each and every one of us has potential. I consider it my job to help them reach this potential and To me It is so gratifying. I recently became a personal trainer as fitness has been a huge part of my life and I realize the importance of a healthy lifestyle through exercise and good nutrition. This is where the mind, body and soul are really connected.

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