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About Sholina Jivraj:

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if you are doing regular Yoga or Fitness (including unsupported backbends, extended stretching, or ab crunches), you are doing more damage to your body than you can imagine. In my opinion, you can’t use an ancient practice (Yoga) or trendy workouts (HIIT), apply it to everyday people, and expect it to be effective (or safe).

I have a revolutionary approach to Yoga and Physical Fitness that considers the modern individual with modern day challenges. Lifestyle, anatomy, and cutting edge science are considerations to all my programs.

Unlike other yoga teachers, I offer:

    • Gait assessment
    • Posture correction
    • Core re-integration
    • Pelvic floor health considerations and repair prevention of organ prolapse
    • Joint and muscle pain relief

Some believe that creating a mind/body connection is only found through meditative yoga.I can tell you that one of the best ways to connect your mind and body is by understanding how it works, becoming aware of, and correcting any imbalances. Full embodiment – every time.

Stop wasting your valuable time doing mindless Yoga and Fitness where the benefits are only temporary (and often times, damaging to your pelvic floor). You found me because you’re done with mediocrity. You are looking to gain valuable tools to increase your mobility, flexibility, strength, body awareness, and stress management.

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